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"What a child learns in the womb cannot be learned on earth" ~ yogi bhajan


As a mother of two and qualified Yoga Teacher I teach Yoga for Pregnancy classes at Royal North Shore Public Hospital, St. Leonards NSW. (directly opposite St. Leonards Station).
Classes commence at 6pm -7pm and are held on Tuesday evenings. 
There is level access from the street, the room is carpeted and airconditioned and all equipment is provided.  You may bring your own mat if you wish.
Please book directly with Parenting Education on (02) 94629588.

The Yoga of Birth  Designed to re-awaken the natural birthing instinct and the timeless art of childbirth, you will also learn of the benefits of practising yoga, meditation and breathing practices during pregnancy in preparation for birth.
Classes are held at The Mosman Yoga Co-Op, Suakin Drive, Georges Heights, Mosman on Thursday evenings, 7pm - 8.15pm.
Please complete the enrolment form and email it back to me. click here to enrol .ENROL yogabirth

Weekend Retreat - held just outside of Sydney three times per year.  

Courses - All enquiries call Helen on 0414 949 546 anytime enquire here INQUIRY form .


 REVEL IN THE JOY!  (bhoga is sanskrit for Joy)

A regular yoga practice during pregnancy is a wonderful way to maintain wellbeing during this unique and transient time.  HypnoBirth classes also compliment the yoga practice and is something that you can bring your husband/partner along to.  Partners learn their specific role as your birth companion and delight at learning how best to support you and baby during the pregnancy but specifically during birth.

My yoga classes and courses are designed to be gentle, nurturing and safe as you move through a transformational phase of body and mind in preparation to become a Mother.  The physical benefits of yoga can transform your experience of pregnancy from a time of weakness, discomfort and indisposition to one in which you feel healthy and strong.  Increased stamina and strength prepare you for labour and birth together with breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques to calm, relax and empower you. My HypnoBirth classes are designed to take you into self-hypnosis, to learn how to access your body's natural intelligence, and each week during the classes you will both experience profound and deep relaxation.  The ancient art of childbirth will be explained to you so that you will have no fear surrounding your birth.  A regular practice of relaxation and inner reflection can provide the path to a deeper connection with your unborn baby and your own inherent feminine wisdom.

As partners do not attend the yoga classes with you, the HypnoBirth classes are designed for you and your partner to attend together.  Many father's and support persons relish in sharing this special time and enjoy practising what they have learnt during the classes so that on your birthing day everyone is confident and prepared.

Please visit my hypnobirth page here  HypnoBirth
or my hypnobirth website http://hypnobirth.com.au



~ HypnoBirth ~
 a calm birth for Parents & Babies

is a natural approach to safer, easier, more comfortable birthing. 

 If we hope to create a non-violent world

where respect and kindess replace fear and hatred...

We must begin with how we treat each other at the beginning of life

For that is where our deepest patterns are set.

From these roots grow fear and alienation...

~ or love and trust.

Suzanne Arms, Author



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