I have a little something to share with you all and I hope that you will pass this along with the intention of breaking the drought in Australia.  Especially, but not exclusively, If you know anyone living in the bush.


It began at the very first Women’s Circle in September.    As I wrote in my newsletter,  the Circle gathered and the rain came pouring down.  I wrote that it felt very cleansing and very Australian to be underneath the tin roof!    Afterwards, I received a reply from Bronwyn who had been unable to attend the Circle as she was overseas in Asia ~ she wrote:

In Malaysia we visited a Hindu Temple, the temple is in a cave and you have to climb up 277 stairs to get there, as we came out the Temple and starting descending the stairs  the heavens opened and the rain came down…the Chinese lady with us  said that was regarded as a Chinese blessing,  which you all received at your workshop.

I shared this email with my colleage and co-facilitator, Heidi and yes, we did indeed feel blessed in so many ways for the Circle was exactly as had been intended.


Again in October, The Circle gathered again.    And, in the morning as we prepared it was a cold and grey day and as The Circle gathered, we sat and as we shared it began to rain!   I couldn’t help but realize the message, if we want it to rain in certain places we should gather in a circle there and break the drought! and we shared it with the participants! And this email message was born there and then.


I recently attended a four day course in Brisbane to become a registered HypnoBirther.   This is something that compliments the ante-natal yoga that I teach and I feel deeply about allowing women to birth their babies in a calm, secure and safe environment.   After the un-seasonal weather of Sydney I was looking forward to some Brissie sunshine!   I arrived in Brisbane and it was nice and warm.  The course began with two groups for the first day and from then on we were all together in the one group.   Guess what happened on day two when we all came together?

It poured with rain……………it poured down so loud that we couldn’t hear the facilitator!   And I smiled to myself ~ here was the message again.


So please, let’s use the internet to communicate to severely drought stricken areas:

Gather yourselves, in a circle, with pure intention,  choose a topic and share, and express gratitude and bless that space, make it sacred, make it whole and then ........let it go, surrender, have absolutely no expectation whatsoever, other than to connect with one another on a regular basis.  And that’s it.


If anyone needs more details on how to start a Circle, please visit  www.themillionethcircle.com   and If people live in really remote places, they can do it over the phone (skype) or over the internet, so long as they connect at the same time.


If we think it won’t work we should at least try it, otherwise we will never know!

Remember the words of Chief Sitting Bull, Marianne Williamson & Nelson Mandela “you are powerful beyond measure”.







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