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 Mission Statement

My intention for Yoga Bhoga is to bring more awareness of this ancient system of health and vitality to the community in a safe and professional environment.

As a qualified practioner I seek to teach others what I have learnt from my own experience and the knowledge handed down by my teachers* for which I am and shall always be eternally grateful. 

 Your body is your temple


 (the divine within me honours the divine with you)


*I am grateful for the teachings of yoga from Anne Lewis, Clive Saltzer, Michael de Manicour, Ani Pema Chodren, Mark Breadner, Eve Grzybowski, Nicola Ellis, Simon Borg Olivier, Sal Flynn, Satyananda Yoga, Dr. Sean Matthews, Dr. Swami Shankadev and GuruDev (Mumbai, India) and to my students who are my greatest teachers of all.

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