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Pregnancy yoga classes :

Helen Scard, brilliant.  My pregnancy and labour would have been very different without her.

Wendy A, Sydney, NSW.

I attended Helen's pregnancy yoga classes, which I found fun and most of all very relaxing.  It took all the stresses of the past week away.   I looked forward to my Friday mornings because the classes felt like a special treat for myself.    
Wendy P. (35) Frenchs Forest. 

Helenís pregnancy yoga class was an absolute saviour, I looked forward to it every week and it really provided some welcome relaxation as well as preparation for birth.   Kendall S. Killarney Heights

Thank you for all of your great classes and support over the past few months I believe that it helped me prepare both mentally and physically for the birth.  I will be sure to recommend the classes to my friends and will be back in a couple of years for my next pregnancy :o)  I have attached some photos of her for you.
Take care
AK, (RNS Public Hospital prenatal yoga classes)

the mongan method

I went to my pre-natal yoga class in the morning and during this class I felt some sensation, I wasnít sure if it was just another Braxton Hicks or contractions. This went on pretty much all day, but I didnít mention anything because I thought it was nothing.   I woke up at around 1am and had the urge to go to the toilet; I went back to bed but soon after had a funny feeling again that I have to go to the toilet again.  This time there was a bit of blood on the toilet paper, so we called the hospital and they advised us to come in just to make sure.

I arrived at the hospital at around 2:30am and we settled into our room. We played some relaxing music and I was able to use the slow breathing. After a while the midwife came in and was surprised when I told her that I couldnít sleep between the contractions because they came too often.  So she examined me again and told me that I was 5 cm dilated already and that she was surprised because I was so calm.  From then on it seemed to all go really quickly. The surges got stronger and harder and it got to a stage where I couldnít use the breathing and relaxing anymore. Thatís when I decided I canít do this anymore and asked for Gas/Air. The midwife examined me again and said that I am 9cm already and that Iím ready for the last bit, so I wouldnít need the gas.  I am very thankful to this midwife, because without her I would have used the gas and would have been disappointed afterwards.  Shortly after that 2 midwives started setting up loads of things around me, so I knew it wasnít long to go. My obstetrician was stuck in peak hour traffic, so I only had two midwifes in the room with me. 

Unfortunately I couldnít use the breathing down; my urge to push was so strong that I just had to push. The breathing did help me though in the phases were they didnít want me to push, I had no problem to just relax then. My obstetrician entered the room just for the last couple of pushes, and he did a great job controlling everything so I didnít have to get cut neither did I require any stiches.

After the head and the shoulders were out I picked my baby son up myself and pulled him straight on my chest which was very special.   All together my labour was calculated by the hospital as 6hrs 20min.

It was a great morning with sunshine and after my husband cut the umbilical cord and my placenta was delivered the three of us had time to bond for a couple of hours which was great.  He did need a bit of help to get the breastfeeding started, but since then he got a taste of it we can hardly stop him!    Apparently I was the talk of the floor between all the staff, everybody said how they were amazed how calm and in control I was. - BH, Sydney.

Hi Helen,

We are pleased to tell you that our daughter, was born at 9.35 am on Saturday 23rd August. She weighed 4.16 kilos (big baby!)

We also wanted to tell you our Hypnobirthing story...I started feeling 'twinges' around noon on Friday.  Nothing major-managed to go to lunch and shopping with mum and had a quiet night in.  We had made the Eggplant Parmesan recipe (Yum!) the night before and had the leftovers for dinner on Friday.  I went off to bed, and was woken by stronger surges around midnight.  We had done the Rainbow Relaxation just before going to sleep, so I woke already feeling very relaxed.  I woke my husband up after 4 or 5 surges, and then the two of us spent the next few hours quietly working through the surges together.  I even managed to fall asleep in between surges.  The only slight downside was that I started to feel quite nauseous during the surges-and that's what I remember - not the surges themselves, but the nausea.  Surges were coming at variable intervals-5 minutes, 3 minutes, then right on top of each other, and lasted at least one minute each time.  Although we were instructed to wait until surges were 5 minutes apart and regular, our instincts told us that perhaps 'the main event' wasn't too far away and we called the hospital.  They, as anticipated, told me that I sounded like I was coping very well at home (I managed to carry on a conversation through two contractions, and then breathed my way through a third) and that since my surges were variable, it was probably early labour.  And then she said 'Are you sure they are lasting longer than a minute?'  we knew that they were, and that was when I knew that this was the real deal.  So off to the hospital we went at about 4.30.  The transition was tough.  I remember thinking that I wasn't going to make the 20 minutes drive to the hospital.  But when we arrived, the midwife that greeted us was very informed and supportive of our birthing choice.  We were shown to a room with low lights and offered the option of going directly to the bath or getting checked.  I wanted to be certain that I was in labour so I opted for the check. I was so relieved to find that I was 5-6 cm dilated.  My husband prepared the bath and had a bit of a laugh when he poured my shampoo into the bath instead of the aromatherapy oils I had purchased for the occasion!! The bath itself was heaven and when I was checked an hour later, I was 8 cm dilated! Things continued to progress through the early morning.  There was a small hiccup when our obstetrician arrived she announced that I was not yet fully dilated and that the baby was posterior presented.  My choices:  epidural (as it was felt that we were in for a long haul) or continue with what we were doing and hope that baby decided to turn on her own.  We opted for the latter choice, and low and behold our baby decided to turn of her own accord!  The rest, they say, is history...

And as a new mum, I was able to hit the ground running.  I felt wonderful after the birth, very energetic and just totally blissful...Actually come to think of it, I'm still pretty energetic and thoroughly, completely blissed out. 

Our daughter is beautiful, as you can see from the photo I've attached.  She's a very contented baby-no troubles feeding, a great sleeper and very interactive.

Thank you very, very much for helping us to achieve our goal of a relaxing, low-intervention birth for our baby girl.  We feel very lucky (and not just a little smug!) that we were able to achieve this for our baby!

K & M, Neutral Bay, NSW.

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yoga classes

After 5 weeks of Helen's yoga classes I feel taller, straighter, lighter and free!  Kay, Killarney Heights

I want to thank you for helping me to find yoga.  I have been to so many different classes and they are either too big, too fast, too hard or have no soul.  To me your classes are the very essence of yoga.  You seem to be able to pin point what each individual needs and that has worked beautifully for me.  I wish I could attend more classes - maybe in my retirement.  Can't wait for the new term.  Wendy C. Frenchs Forest


I have been attending Helen Scardís yoga classes for about two years now. She is a wonderful yoga teacher, as she really cares about every studentís individual needs and problems and is careful not to push students beyond their capabilities. Her classes are also varied and interesting and I think they have a good balance between the physical (poses) and the spiritual (meditation). I have felt healthier, stronger, calmer and happier as a result of Helenís yoga classes, and I cannot recommend her highly enough as a teacher.  Tony C, Forestville, NSW.

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Women's Circle testimonials

At the Women's circle there was a feeling of warmth, support and calm.   It was a time to stop, think, reflect and move ahead
 on a more truthful journey. - Monique, Forestville.
The day was gorgeous and lovely people..... a delightful way to spend a rainy, cold afternoon.
The Circle is a sensational idea and I wish you every success and blessing to go along with it. 
Both of you are certainly an enormous light and energy for people to follow.  Jenny, Seaforth

I love the idea of "Gathering the women to save the world", how true and simple and how empowering!  Meeting other women who share similar ideals and  goals for peace and love is such a wonderful experience.  Meeting other women to share life experiences, to laugh and realise how alike we are is a pleasure and what a lovely way to spend an afternoon reconnecting with our sisters!  We need to do this more often.  We all need to have this time for ourselves.  Thankyou and  count me in for next month!    Justine. Cherrybrook

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