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Birth Rehearsal ~ a workshop 

How do you want your birth to be?

Come and learn the secrets to the birth you and your baby want.


In this workshop you will learn how the birthing body works, how labour begins, how to birth your baby in an empowering way, how to utilise your breath, positions for birth, your partner's role in the birth of his child, your birthing companion's role in assisting you and your partner.  Each stage of labour is explained, so that you can create your birthing preferences and co-create the birth of your dreams to bring your baby into the world in a conscious way.

Yoga means Union
Bhoga means Joy

Make your birthing memory a happy and satisfying experience.

$45 per person
Sunday, 22 July, 2012
2.30pm until 5pm
@ Mosman Yoga Co-Op

Bookings required
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