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The Yoga of Birth is an entirely new course which I have written specifically for pregnant women and their partners in how to birth using the ancient knowledge of the art and science of yoga.   

As many birthing choices are being eroded from our lifestyles and when many have considered there to be not many birthing choices anyway the sacred feminine will reclaim, renew and rejoice through every woman who has the desire for natural childbirth. 

Designed to re-awaken the natural birthing instinct and the timeless art of childbirth.   You will learn of the benefits of practising yoga during pregnancy in preparation for birth:

  • asana postures
  • yogic breathing practices
  • relaxation
  • guided meditation & deeper states of being
  • sound & vibration
  • birthing companion's role
  • sacred space
  • and much, much, more!

Citta Vrtti Nirodha ~ to still the fluctuations of the Mind

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